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MGMA Webinars – Building a Sustainable Provider Compensation Strategy: Best Practices for Employed Compensation

HSG was fortunate to present during MGMA’s Medical Practice Excellence: Pathways Conference in May 2021 to a very engaged audience. Subsequently our field of subject matter experts presented an incremental session in June 2021 to add clarity and depth in areas of interest to those attendings. Three polls were taken for those attending the June session resulting in some valuable insights on current payer dynamics by market and how organizations are including non-productivity incentives into their provider compensation models.

June Webinar Abstract

The long-term success of hospital-owned medical groups is dependent on having productive, engaged, and satisfied physicians and advanced practice providers. Although there are many issues that affect employed healthcare providers, few are more impactful on the individual and the organization than compensation. In acknowledging that truth, it is critical for organizations to develop and execute a sustainable compensation strategy. This session will equip you to do just that. The presenters will cover trends in provider compensation and discuss the factors driving organizations to reconsider their provider compensation strategies. They will also discuss best practices for developing a compensation framework based on your organization’s progress towards value.

 This webinar will provide you with the knowledge to: 

  1. Discover the forces driving many hospitals to re-evaluate their provider compensation strategies in 2021
  2. Manage a compensation strategy that evolves with and supports your organization’s progress toward value and high-performance

Apply best practices for provider compensation strategies Presenters

HSG will also be presenting at the MGMA Medical Practice Excellence: Leaders Conference in October 2021 in San Diego and then virtually in November. Register now for what is sure to be a great couple of events.

Terrence R. McWilliams, MD, FAAFP

Chief Clinical Officer and Managing Director, Employed Provider Networks

Neal D. Barker

Partner and Managing Director, Compensation and Compliance