FPM Practice Pearls: HSG Advisors Shares How to Make APP Reviews Mutually Beneficial

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Supervising advanced practice providers (APPs) can have many benefits, but the associated quality reviews can seem onerous and not useful. State regulations and organizational policies differ, but most require physicians to review the quality of care APPs provide.

Here are some ways to approach this process with a purpose beyond just compliance.

  • Consider it a mentoring opportunity. Mentoring reframes it as a positive, voluntary, and mutually beneficial relationship.
  • Schedule time each month. Blocking off time on both parties’ calendars provides a deadline to keep the review process on track and creates common expectations for discussing clinical care and professional development.
  • Use a standard form. Having a ready template (electronic or hard copy) makes documentation of the review process quicker and easier.
  • Involve the APP. Have the APP suggest patients for review based on interesting presentations or challenging circumstances.
  • Capture “real-time” interactions. When you and the APP are involved in a shared patient encounter, use the opportunity to review the care and documentation.
  • Consider other benefits. The review process can enhance your professional relationship with the APP, instill confidence that patients are receiving high-quality care, and mitigate the risk of “negligent supervision” concerns.

Terry R. McWilliams, MD, MSJ, FAAFP
Louisville, Ky.

D.J. Sullivan

Chief Strategy Officer and Managing Director of Claims Data Analytics