Does Your Board Understand Why Physicians Are Employed?

One challenge health system executives continue to face is board concerns about physician employment. The subsidies are at times high, the rationale for employment is often elusive, and the value is not always crystal clear.

Webinar: Physician Leadership Series: Case Studies

  Thriving in today’s healthcare environment increasingly depends on active, proficient physician leadership.  Many healthcare organizations have not yet incorporated physician leaders into their management structure and strategic planning processes. Spend a half-hour with Partner Neal Barker and Chief Clinical Consultant Dr. Terrence McWilliams as they relate case studies that show the importance of integrating […]

Case Study: Creating a Successful Oncology Co-management Relationship

Co-management agreements can be mutually beneficial to hospitals and physicians. They can improve quality, reduce cost, and provide financial benefits to participating physicians. However, proper execution is required to realize these benefits. We recently worked with a client to implement an oncology co-management program and have translated our experience into the tips below. Background A […]

Case Study: Interim Management for an Employed Physician Network

Background Our Midwestern hospital client had a rapidly-growing employed physician network. The network was multi-specialty and was deployed to expand the hospital’s footprint in outreach markets. Developing the group culture and increasing physician engagement, however, were becoming increasingly challenging. The group lacked a solid infrastructure and didn’t have sufficient dedicated resources to support the practices […]
Healthcare Service Lines

Case Study: Ambulatory Strategy with a Focus on Responding to a Larger Competitor Moving Into the Market

Background Our client was an independent, 250+ bed hospital, located 20 minutes from a large metropolitan area in the Midwest.  The hospital was experiencing intense pressure from three tertiary competitors located in the nearby metro area. Each was pursuing an ambulatory strategy that placed physicians, outpatient services, and ancillaries in our client’s primary service area.  […]

Case Study: Defining an Appropriate Affiliation Strategy for an Independent Hospital

Background Our client, a standalone 200-bed hospital located in the eastern U.S., had experienced reasonable financial success over the last decade as an independent provider in a rural community.  Faced with the challenges of reform, an aging facility and an aging medical staff, the board felt it would be wise to explore affiliation options.  However, […]

Case Study: Improving Hospital Medicare Profitability

Background One of our community hospital clients decided to focus their organization on Medicare profitability after an analysis we did during a physician alignment strategy engagement showed that Medicare revenue only covered 92 percent of their organization’s Medicare costs. While 92 percent may be better than at most hospitals, they still felt it could create […]