Effective Revenue Cycle Management in Your Network

Revenue Cycle Management for your physician network has become more complex.

  • Bigger groups increase the scale and complexity of processes,
  • Stagnant reimbursements make it imperative that your practices collect what they deserve,
  • Electronic Health Records create potential glitches,
  • Evolving local carrier determinations (LCD) creates challenges,
  • Payer credentialing becomes higher risk as your network grows, and
  • Compliance concerns around fraud and abuse importance of data reporting and claims filing accuracy.

All of these factors and the efficiency of a medical practice’s billing operations has a critical impact on the financial performance.  Inefficiencies or inaccurate billing will contribute to operating losses, reductions in provider compensation, and stress for all.

These factors – and your practices’ billing operations efficiency – critically impact financial performance and contribute to operating losses, reduced provider compensation, and stress for all.

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