Accelerating Progress in Your Physician Network – How HSG Can Support Your Growth

Spurred by the need for better integration and the need to protect volumes, billions have been invested by hospitals and health systems in physician practices. In many cases, the result has been massive losses for the system with few of the benefits promised by integration. Rather than creating effective, multi-specialty groups, health systems are saddled with loose amalgamations of practices that operate as they did before employment.

HSG’s Physician Network Growth Phases Curve defines the stages of your network’s evolutionary progress.  As your network transitions from novice all the way to high-performing, there are many complex challenges that must be addresses.  HSG’s goal is to evolve your physician network to ensure it can deliver great care to your community and create a positive legacy as a high-performing network.  How it must evolve to be a strategic asset to your health system.   How it must change to preserve your organization’s financial stability.   How it must progress to reliably produce predictable outcomes and costs based on best practices.

Download a copy of HSG’s white paper “Accelerating Progress in Your Physician Network:  How HSG can Support Your Growth”.

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