Webinar: Is Your Employed Physician Network a Financial Burden to Your Organization?

The size and prevalence of employed provider networks has grown rapidly. HSG has found that hospitals and health systems are experiencing challenges with these networks as the growth has outstripped the management infrastructure. These challenges can be exponentially compounded by IT and EMR selection.

This webinar focuses on how to understand current performance of your network as well as the opportunities for increased financial and operational efficiencies, and ultimately how to build a plan for future financial sustainability. As part of that, we will address the following questions:

  • Does your network have the right leadership to drive this plan?
  • Do you have the appropriate dedicated resources for revenue cycle and IT?
  • Are you using appropriate metrics to measure performance?
  • What strategies and tactics could be implemented to increase revenue and control expenses within the network?
  • Strategically, what is the provider and specialty mix within the network, and should you consider divestiture of any practices?

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Download the webinar handouts