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Physician Network Growth Phases – Accelerating the Performance of Your Network

HSG’s Physician Network Growth Phases provides a framework for tackling appropriate management challenges given the current growth trajectory of your Employed Physician Network, identifying six stages of network evolution and the capabilities management should be looking to build and ingrain into the organization at each stage.

Preserving Your Hospital’s Independence

In HSG’s strategy work with hospitals, a frequent topic of discussion is alignment with a healthcare system. Sometimes, our team needs to evaluate alternative partners while other times we are advising clients on whether they should join a large healthcare system or not. The push for consolidation is an obvious focus in the industry, with […]

Effective Revenue Cycle Management in Your Network

Revenue Cycle Management for your physician network has become more complex. Bigger groups increase the scale and complexity of processes, Stagnant reimbursements make it imperative that your practices collect what they deserve, Electronic Health Records create potential glitches, Evolving local carrier determinations (LCD) creates challenges, Payer credentialing becomes higher risk as your network grows, and Compliance […]

Succeeding in Value-Based Care: Building a Sustainable CIN

  This 20-page guide covers legal issues; the 8 core elements for success with tips and examples; and leveraging your clinically integrated network’s capabilities during development. If your hospital or health system hasn’t already jumped on the clinical integration bandwagon, now’s the time to get started. Congress and CMS have set an aggressive goal for […]

Adding Value to Physician Compensation: A Comprehensive Guide to Aligning Provider Compensation with Value-Based Reimbursement

HSG’s physician compensation guide contains what you need to know about preparing your physician compensation plans for value-based reimbursement: The changes in the reimbursement landscape behind the need for quality metrics; The three major elements of value-based compensation and ways to incorporate them in your plan; Resources for developing quality metrics; Making advanced practitioners an […]

67 Tips for Developing a High-Performing Physician Network

Most of our clients learned to manage a hospital. Today, many of those clients believe their long-term success will center on how their employed physician group evolves. The viability of a health system or hospital is increasingly dependent on the group’s ability to attract the needed talent, respond to the imperatives to better manage care, […]

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