Case Studies

Case Study: Physician Employment Entity and Infrastructure

We’ve had more than a few hospital clients who never made a formal decision to start hiring physicians, but nonetheless found themselves with a goodly number and mix of doctors on their payrolls. One particular client came to Healthcare Strategy Group in just that situation. They had a group of employed physicians, but that “group” didn’t function like a group in any sense of the word.

Case Study: Developing a Physician Recruitment Plan at the Hospital System Level

A five-hospital system in Northern Indiana located just outside the Chicago metropolitan area required a shared recruitment plan to address the need for multiple select specialties.

Case Study: Developing a Defensible Physician Needs Analysis for a Combination Urban/Rural Market

Located in the Central East corridor, this three-hospital system, comprised of two adult and one children’s hospital, is a tertiary provider for an 18-county service area, encompassing both urban and rural populations. The system both employs physicians and provides recruitment assistance for independent physicians.

Case Study: Building Relationships Between a Hospital, a Medical Community and Self-Insured Employers

Our client, a community health system in the eastern U.S., was experiencing significant competition in its primary market from nearby tertiary health systems. These tertiary systems were particularly aggressive in attempting to poach the commercially-insured population of a local large, self-insured employer with about covered 9000 lives. Our client needed a strategy to align with the employer to retain commercial market share at both the hospital and its physician practices.

Case Study: Hospital Strategic Planning with a Focus on Profitable Growth

Our client, a community hospital that is part of a loosely affiliated five-plus hospital system in the Northeast, was struggling with financial challenges that were driving the organization’s operating margin deep into the red. The hospital was facing pressure from competitors to both the east and the west, and struggling to retain referrals from its own on-staff physician base.

Case Study: Employed Physician Group Strategy

One of our clients in the Northeast has done a superior job with their employed physician strategy. With the hospital’s employment strategy maturing, our client had moved on to seeking “value” from the group.

Case Study: Improving Hospital Medicare Profitability

One of our community hospital clients decided to focus their organization on Medicare profitability after an analysis we did during a physician alignment strategy engagement showed that Medicare revenue only covered 92 percent of their organization’s Medicare costs.

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