Physician Transaction Advisory: Seven Critical Lessons Learned

Between 2007 and 2008, practice ownership reached an inflection point where the majority of practices in the United States were no longer owned by physicians but rather by hospitals and health systems, according to Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) survey1 data, as shown in the accompanying table. Today, over 70% of practices are owned by […]

Increasing Patient Retention Through HSG Patient Share of Care

Many health systems struggle with managing patient retention within their system of locations and loyal providers.  Faced with poor data on patient behavior that limits strategic insight, health systems frequently find themselves going down one of three paths: They rely on state-level inpatient market share data to draw conclusions about where patients in their market […]

Five Referral Leakage Metrics Your Network Should Track

Claims data is being utilized by many healthcare organizations to support strategic initiatives and is often leveraged to develop revenue and market share growth goals. At a more granular level, physician network growth objectives should also be leveraging this level of data. Identifying key performance metrics, developing baseline measures, and reviewing metric progress regularly should […]

Reducing Employed Physician Network Losses and Creating Financial Sustainability

Many hospitals are increasingly challenged by the financial performance of their employed physician networks. As these networks grow, the concern about financial performance moves to the forefront, with the losses becoming an increasingly visible drag on the system’s overall profitability. This, in turn, puts pressure on health system and physician network leadership to, at a […]

The Value of a Team-Based Care Delivery

Clinical Practice Transformation is touted as the path to achieving the best care delivery model of the future– A team-based care delivery model…A care delivery model that utilizes clinical support team members at the top of their license and capabilities during the patient care delivery process…A care delivery model that shifts some of the patient […]

Does Your Employed Provider Network Need a “Check Up”

  Many of our clients are seeking to improve the operational effectiveness of their employed provider networks. Some clients have experienced aggressive growth, which has outpaced their ability to develop the appropriate infrastructure. Others are attempting to curb mounting losses. Addressing such issues requires performing a “check-up” of your network in the form of operational […]

Physician Employment and the Board

    Numerous clients have asked HSG for assistance in providing board education regarding physician employment. Driving this request are the frequent questions they receive from board members about why the hospital must support physicians who were previously independent. And, skittish about legal concerns, such as buying referrals, clients find it a difficult question to […]

Physician Network Management: Insights from an Interim Executive

Background Senior leadership of a hospital system was growing increasingly concerned over mounting losses and a general lack of operational efficiency in the employed physician network. It was apparent to them that the management infrastructure and talent had not kept pace with the needs of the rapidly growing network. The hospital requested assistance from HSG […]

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