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The Role Physician Leaders Must Play in Clinical Integration

The healthcare industry axiom — early, ongoing physician involvement in the strategic planning process predicts positive results — applies just as much to developing a Clinically Integrated Network (CIN) as it does to a strategic plan. HSG recommends physician involvement/leadership at every phase of a high-performing CIN. Setting the Vision & Culture Physicians involved at the […]

Six Considerations in ACO Strategy

Thanks to the removal of downside risk in the October 2011 final regulations for the Medicare Shared Savings program, many hospital executives are again considering their strategy related to Value-Based Care Organizations. The year 2012 saw the creation of 115 new Medicare ACOs, and more are expected in 2013. In addition, many private payer ACOs […]

ACOs: The Risk of Late Entry

Hospitals that decide to delay entry into Value-Based Care Organization (ACO) market take a great short-term risk: a competitor may develop relationships with many of the freestanding primary care physicians (PCPs) and practices. Partnerships with those individuals and groups will have great value, independent of the success of the ACO. This is especially true for […]

Final ACO Rules: Better But Not Good Enough?

Now that the final regulations regarding Medicare Value-Based Care organizations have been published, will interest levels return to pre-March levels? Before addressing that question, let’s review the ACO regulations and what changed from the Proposed to the Final rule. Models: There are still two types of ACOs. Track 1: organizations no longer have to assume […]

Transitioning to ACOs: Six Strategies To Implement NOW

“But what should I be doing NOW?” Several CEOs have asked us that question, as they struggle with how to make an effective transition from a market that incents volume to one that incents quality and efficiency. We can’t stress enough the importance of preparing NOW for the new incentive structure. Those that aren’t are […]

Assessing Your ACO Preparedness

Our ACO Preparedness Assessment begins with education about the ACO model for your administrative team and board members, and then subsequently involves seven steps to assessing your readiness for ACO development and implementation: Physician Readiness Survey Through our Physician Readiness Survey, distributed via email to your medical staff, we assess physician awareness and grasp of […]
Physician Network Revenue Cycle

Primary Care Strategy: Will Your ACO Fail Because You Lack One?

Preparing for the Value-Based Care Organization (ACO) model is becoming a reality for hospitals and health systems across the country, and addressing how to react to the upcoming changes is floating to the top of senior executive agendas. This movement is gaining momentum as executives recognize that the current fee-for-service model of reimbursement is unsustainable […]

Core Competencies for a Successful ACO

Understanding the ACO Movement The background information on the ACO movement is included the white paper. The paper addresses the factors driving the movement to ACOs, systemic challenges, current initiatives, and the expertise required to be successful. As part of the assessment, eight key success factors have been identified. Those are: Coordination of care among […]