Population Health Management: What’s Your Strategy?

While the definition of Population Health Management (PHM) may not always be perfectly clear, what IS clear is that pursuing a PHM strategy requires a total redesign of traditional healthcare delivery and payment systems. What is Population Health Management? PHM is one of the core tenets underlying the current healthcare reform movement. The term, or […]

Strategy Tips from “67 Tips for a High-Performing Physician Network”

Defining your strategy and creating a common understanding with your physicians is a crucial first step to building a high-performing group. Aligning it so that it supports your organizational strategy is likewise crucial. Tip 1: Align group and organizational strategy. As you start the process, executive and physician leaders should first review the organization’s plan […]

67 Tips for Developing a High-Performing Physician Network

Most of our clients learned to manage a hospital. Today, many of those clients believe their long-term success will center on how their employed physician group evolves. The viability of a health system or hospital is increasingly dependent on the group’s ability to attract the needed talent, respond to the imperatives to better manage care, […]

Creating A Rational Employed Network

No hospital CEO ever met a doctor he didn’t want. That may be an exaggeration, but we see many hospitals focused on growing their networks with little regard for the network size and specialty mix that will best support their hospital’s core services or meet their communities’ healthcare needs. While a “growth for growth’s sake” […]

Webinar: Setting Your Primary Care Strategy

During this 90-minute webinar, HSG discusses how to assess the current state of your primary care network; today’s top primary care issues; what healthcare leaders need to do to meet these new challenges; and how to set your primary care strategy to prepare for the challenges ahead, as focus shifts to value. [bsmdw_content content_id=’313′]

Under the Thumb of a Competitive Multi-Specialty Group?

Recently, three clients called with concerns about a local multi-specialty practice that represented a major strategic challenge. Clients one and two were in competitive markets, and were being asked to recruit or subsidize physicians that were unprofitable. The implied threat was “If you don’t do this, we’ll talk to the other hospital”. In one instance, […]