Three Strategic Planning Missteps

The approach hospitals take to strategic planning is often fraught with problems. And many of these problems relate to physicians. In this article we will focus on three of those issues. The first relates to physician manpower planning. Many hospitals separate physician manpower development from strategic planning. However, it should be an integral part of […]

Consistency Pays Off with Physician Transactions

Though most hospitals have been purchasing physician practices and employing physicians for several years, it’s surprising how few have developed a consistent philosophy on acquisitions and physician compensation. We’ve all been exposed to the CEO whose mantra, like Nike’s, is “Just do it,” but there are two compelling reasons to develop a consistent process. First, […]

Building Medical Staff Support for Your Recruitment Plan

When hospitals plan the recruitment of new physicians into their community, whether into private practice or employment, resistance from the established physicians is not uncommon. Such resistance can derail one of the foundations of a successful physician strategy. But the resistance can be reduced or eliminated if the process is managed appropriately. Given the significant […]

Strategic Considerations in Physician Acquisition

Hospitals are acquiring physician practices at a brisk pace. Driven by the economics of medical practices, the shortage of physicians in some specialties, and a variety of other issues, the trend toward physician employment is growing. In helping dozens of hospitals evaluate acquisition opportunities or complete acquisitions already committed to, our consultants have seen almost […]