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Zero In on Practice Losses with Two-Phase Assessments

This article describes using  a two-phase approach to conducting physician practice assessments and determining the cause of practice losses.  If you want to improve your physician network’s performance, you have to accurately diagnose key problems. We recommend conducting regular network assessments using a two-phase, broad-to-specific approach. Phase One: Cast a Wide Net During phase one […]

Three Hospital CEOs on the Top Challenges They Face and the Tough Decisions They Make

Each year the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) sends a survey to over 1,000 hospital CEOs in hopes of learning something new about what’s on the minds of our nation’s hospital leaders. For the past 10 years running, the number one concern has been “Financial Challenges.” Beneath this underlying concern exists a myriad of […]

Case Study: Defining the Tolerance for Subsidies by Specialty within an Employed Physician Group

Background Our client is a community hospital in the Midwest that operates a PHO consisting of 50+ physicians (largely employed, but some independents) across a number of specialties.  With mounting losses on the employed physicians in the PHO, executives within the organization began assessing practice losses by specialty. However, given competing strategic priorities within the organization, […]
Physician Network Revenue Cycle

Case Study: Performing a Practice Assessment

Background Over a three-week period, HSG performed a complete audit of an employed physician network consisting of over 120 providers, 90 of whom were physicians. It was operating at an annual loss of approximately $18M. Based on the assessment, the largest contributors to that loss were: Low physician productivity as measured by Work RVUs (wRVUs) […]