Does Your Board Understand Why Physicians Are Employed?

One challenge health system executives continue to face is board concerns about physician employment. The subsidies are at times high, the rationale for employment is often elusive, and the value is not always crystal clear.

Physician Employment and the Board

Numerous clients have asked HSG for assistance in providing board education regarding physician employment. Driving this request are the frequent questions they receive from board members about why the hospital must support physicians who were previously independent. And, skittish about legal concerns, such as buying referrals, clients find it a difficult question to answer. A […]

Is Your Infrastructure Contributing to Your Physician Network Losses?

Many hospitals and health systems started employing physicians under the premise that if they could run a successful hospital, how hard could it be to run a few practices? What most didn’t anticipate, however, was the growth in physician employment. A few doctors is one thing, a few hundred is another. Many physician networks have […]

Healthcare Strategy Group’s Physician Employment Screening Tool

Is it in your best interest to employ that physician who dropped by your office yesterday for a chat? Use Healthcare Strategy Group’s Physician Employment Screening Tool to help your hospital or health system make the right hiring decision. The tool asks 11 questions, from whether the physician fits with your strategic objectives to the […]

Creating A Rational Employed Network

No hospital CEO ever met a doctor he didn’t want. That may be an exaggeration, but we see many hospitals focused on growing their networks with little regard for the network size and specialty mix that will best support their hospital’s core services or meet their communities’ healthcare needs. While a “growth for growth’s sake” […]

Under the Thumb of a Competitive Multi-Specialty Group?

Recently, three clients called with concerns about a local multi-specialty practice that represented a major strategic challenge. Clients one and two were in competitive markets, and were being asked to recruit or subsidize physicians that were unprofitable. The implied threat was “If you don’t do this, we’ll talk to the other hospital”. In one instance, […]

Physician Alignment ….Solving The Puzzle, Part 2

In the first installment of this series of articles, we outlined the key questions that your organization should address as you embark on the development of a physician alignment strategy. In this installment, we will identify the alternative strategies that we have seen employed, and discuss the pros and cons of each. First, it is […]

Service Line Strategy and Physician Employment

Physician employment has revitalized hospital interest in service line development. The alignment of incentives created by employment has created new possibilities and has improved the ability of hospitals to respond to the market’s needs. We’ve identified seven historic challenges with service line planning that physician employment has helped address: Access. Many of our hospital clients […]