Webinar: Managing at the Speed of Change: Strategic Considerations You Must Address in 2016

Value-based reimbursement is rapidly moving from scary concept to scary reality. Join Managing Partner David Miller and Senior Manager Travis Ansel for this 60-minute webinar that: provides a year-end review of the healthcare environment highlights new challenges hospitals and health systems will face in 2016 helps you think through the issues you must master to […]

Webinar: Physician Leadership: A Critical Resource for Success

For hospitals and health systems, physician leadership is critical to success. It drives positive outcomes at every level — from the frontline delivery of patient care to board-level strategic planning. This 60-minute webinar will help hospital and health system senior leadership and physician executives: Understand the crucial roles and functions of physician leaders at every level […]

What Your Doctors Need to Know About: The Impact of Reform on Hospitals’ Bottom Lines

Across the nation, hospital financial performance is weak on average. Rating agencies, such as Moody’s, are citing lower returns and posting a negative outlook for the industry. Why Financial Performance Is Weak In working with our client hospitals, we see a number of reasons for this deteriorating performance: Efforts to better manage care are slowly […]

Case Study: Employed Physician Group Strategy

Background One of our clients in the Northeast has done a superior job with their employed physician group strategy. With the hospital’s employment strategy maturing, our client had moved on to seeking “value” from the group. With that in mind, the hospital engaged their employed physicians in a planning process to develop an expanded group strategy […]

Your Employed Group As a Strategic Weapon

In the crusade for higher quality and lower costs, physicians are on the front lines. To survive under reform, hospitals and health systems must shift their focus to managing care processes, and that will require changing physician behavior. What better place to start than by using your employed physician network as the “tip of the […]

Integrating with Physicians in a “Fee-for-Value” Environment

If we accept the premise that “fee-for-value” will be the new reimbursement model for public and private payers, then we must also accept the fact that, in order to be successful in this environment, hospitals and physicians will need to develop a collaborative culture. The care process will need to be refined to eliminate costly […]

Leveraging Your Employed Physician Group for Payment Reform Success

Reimbursement for healthcare providers is continuing to shift towards increased incentives for quality outcomes and cost management, as insurers (particularly CMS) focus on reducing fee-for-service payments and increasing the amount of risk taken on by providers.  As examples of this, recently, we have seen CMS release its regulations for Value-Based Care Organizations (ACOs), which will […]