Physician Network Bleeding Cash? Turn It Around in 100 Days

HSG’s focus on physician network management has given us real insights into the operational and management challenges faced by hospitals. Those challenges vary, depending on which Growth Phase your network is in. Many of our clients are in Growth or Operational Chaos modes, when common performance issues and their causes include:   Performance Issue Drivers/Cause Physicians Don’t […]

Halifax Health and HSG Enter Network Management Outsourcing Agreement

Halifax Health has entered into a network management outsourcing agreement with HSG to provide overall management and advisory services for the Daytona Beach-based, community healthcare system’s medical network, including employed and contract service arrangements. “HSG will bring to us their significant experience in strengthening physician and hospital relationships, achieving common goals and enhancing the value of […]

Strategy Tips from “67 Tips for a High-Performing Physician Network”

Defining your strategy and creating a common understanding with your physicians is a crucial first step to building a high-performing group. Aligning it so that it supports your organizational strategy is likewise crucial. Tip 1: Align group and organizational strategy. As you start the process, executive and physician leaders should first review the organization’s plan […]

Onboarding New Physicians: The Value of a 100-Day Plan

At HSG, one of our major services is managing and operating hospital employed physician networks. As our management activities have grown, we’ve developed a management tool dubbed our “100-day plan.” This process has forced us to identify and implement key action items essential to establish the direction for the group practice going forward.  Through the […]

Webinar: Physician Leadership: A Critical Resource for Success

For hospitals and health systems, physician leadership is critical to success. It drives positive outcomes at every level — from the frontline delivery of patient care to board-level strategic planning. This 60-minute webinar will help hospital and health system senior leadership and physician executives: Understand the crucial roles and functions of physician leaders at every level […]

67 Tips for Developing a High-Performing Physician Network

Most of our clients learned to manage a hospital. Today, many of those clients believe their long-term success will center on how their employed physician group evolves. The viability of a health system or hospital is increasingly dependent on the group’s ability to attract the needed talent, respond to the imperatives to better manage care, […]

Has Your Physician Network Outgrown Your Leadership?

As private practitioners, physicians have a firm grasp on practice operations. However, once employed, many physicians abdicate this responsibility and expect the network management team to do it all. Having the right leadership team in place is key to effectively managing employed physician groups. Dealing with a diverse group of physicians under one roof and […]