Webinar: Anesthesia in the Age of Health Reform: Maximizing Quality, Minimizing Cost

Hospitals today are looking for ways to reduce anesthesia subsidy costs while simultaneously maintaining or even improving quality. Co-sponsored by HSG and NorthStar Anesthesia, this webinar offers solutions to both issues: subsidy costs and quality. HSG Partner Neal Barker will discuss how healthcare reform is impacting hospital anesthesia and surgery departments and offer proven strategies for […]

Improving Hospital-Based Physician Contracts

Due to the nature of services hospital-based physicians provide, no group is more logical or simple to truly “align” with. Their quality is your quality. Their mistakes are your mistakes. In the future, as bundled payment initiatives gain traction, it is very possible that your reimbursement will be their reimbursement. Now is clearly the time […]

Anesthesia Subsidy FMV

Across the country, many hospitals are relying on a third party to review their anesthesia subsidies. We are seeing this trend because groups are requesting, and even demanding, additional financial support in exchange for the services they provide. Hospitals with financial and fair market value compliance concerns are uncertain how to respond so we’ve outlined […]