ACOs as Precursor to Clinical Integration

Medicare ACOs are a great starting point for your clinical integration (CI) strategy. First, they require discipline when it comes to creating CI infrastructure. The application process for the MSSP ACO addresses 80-85% of the issues you will need to address to be clinically integrated per FTC criteria. Second, Medicare ACOs come with legal shields. […]

The 16 Core Competencies Your ACO Needs to Succeed

Here are the 16 ACO core competencies providers need to succeed under Value-Based Care.   Provider organizations need 16 core competencies to succeed under Value-Based Care. Some of these competencies can’t be developed by the provider organization alone. They require a payer organization as a strategic partner. Others may not be relevant for both Medicare […]

Value-Based Care Readiness Assessment

HSG’s Value-Based Care Readiness Assessment helps hospitals and health systems create a detailed action plan for clinical integration.   The healthcare industry’s business model is changing. Are you ready?   While the transformation to value has been gradual, the process is speeding up. By 2018, more than half of Medicare payments will be value-based. Private […]
Virtual Visits Reimbursement

Preparing for Emerging Delivery Models: PHO Development to Facilitate Value-Based Care Delivery

Physician-Hospital Organizations (PHOs) are experiencing a resurgence, as hospitals and health systems grapple with ACOs, Bundled Payments, narrow networks and direct contracting in the wake of healthcare reform. During this informative, 45-minute webinar, HSG Partner David Miller and Director Travis Ansel will cover: The PHO model’s benefits under payment reform. How PHOs are being used […]

Six Considerations in ACO Strategy

Thanks to the removal of downside risk in the October 2011 final regulations for the Medicare Shared Savings program, many hospital executives are again considering their strategy related to Value-Based Care Organizations. The year 2012 saw the creation of 115 new Medicare ACOs, and more are expected in 2013. In addition, many private payer ACOs […]

ACOs: The Risk of Late Entry

Hospitals that decide to delay entry into Value-Based Care Organization (ACO) market take a great short-term risk: a competitor may develop relationships with many of the freestanding primary care physicians (PCPs) and practices. Partnerships with those individuals and groups will have great value, independent of the success of the ACO. This is especially true for […]

Final ACO Rules: Better But Not Good Enough?

Now that the final regulations regarding Medicare Value-Based Care organizations have been published, will interest levels return to pre-March levels? Before addressing that question, let’s review the ACO regulations and what changed from the Proposed to the Final rule. Models: There are still two types of ACOs. Track 1: organizations no longer have to assume […]

Transitioning to ACOs: Six Strategies To Implement NOW

“But what should I be doing NOW?” Several CEOs have asked us that question, as they struggle with how to make an effective transition from a market that incents volume to one that incents quality and efficiency. We can’t stress enough the importance of preparing NOW for the new incentive structure. Those that aren’t are […]

Assessing Your ACO Preparedness

Our ACO Preparedness Assessment begins with education about the ACO model for your administrative team and board members, and then subsequently involves seven steps to assessing your readiness for ACO development and implementation: Physician Readiness Survey Through our Physician Readiness Survey, distributed via email to your medical staff, we assess physician awareness and grasp of […]