Referral Capture

Capturing physician referrals in your network is an important strategic imperative. This focus positively impacts patient volume and market share, productivity and care coordination, and the financial performance of the employed network and hospital.

Referral leakage occurs in two primary ways: 1) provider direct-referral out and 2) patient self-referral out. And drivers of that leakage are many, including established relationships, access issues, quality issues, consumer perception, referral roadblocks, and others.

A comprehensive Physician Network Referral Management program addresses the drivers of referral leakage by focusing on three components: 1) detailed baseline data of the referral patterns of employed and independent providers to highlight opportunities, 2) prioritization of opportunities based on strategic and financial importance, and 3) a systematic approach to provider outreach and engagement. Organizations with these elements in place show significantly better referral capture outcomes in competitive markets than organizations that are missing one or more of these components.

HSG’s Physician Network Intelligence platform delivers the capabilities you need for understanding referral patterns and identifying opportunities. Its database documents the flow of patients, using all-payer claims. Most importantly, HSG’s experienced analysis and assessment of that data will guide you in defining measurable objectives and actionable strategic priorities. This comprehensive, data-driven analysis is the key differentiator of HSG Physician Network Intelligence versus similar products.

And our Triple Play Referral Management Team brings together HSG, Perception Health and Tiller-Hewitt HealthCare Strategies to offer hospitals and health systems a proven, integrated approach to: 1) identify referral opportunities, 2) define and manage your network strategy, and 3) execute outreach to produce measurable results.

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