Thought Leadership – Value-Based Care

Final ACO Rules: Better But Not Good Enough?

This article reviews the final rules for Value-Based Care Organizations.

Clinical Integration as an Alternative to Employment

One strategy hospitals can use to align with physicians is to develop a clinically integrated, hospital-based, physician-led network. This approach legally allows hospitals and physicians to align their incentives, even when the physicians are not employed.

Transitioning to ACOs: Six Strategies To Implement NOW

Six key strategies to start IMMEDIATELY to help your organization successfully transition to an ACO.

Assessing Your ACO Preparedness

Are you ready for an ACO? We recommend a seven-point assessment that includes: gauging physician readiness; perfoming DRG cost analysis; ecnouraging physician leadership; strengthening your primary care strategy; recruiting strong insurer partners; ensuring you have the right clinical resources; and implementing the right EMR

Primary Care Strategy: Will Your ACO Fail Because You Lack One?

Nothing is more crucial to success with ACOs than your relationships with primary care physicians.  Here are six issues to consider as you develop your hospital or health system’s PCP strategy.

Core Competencies for a Successful ACO

This article summarizes the key success factors and core competencies needed for successful ACO development and implementation.