Thought Leadership – Value-Based Care

Webinar: Road to Risk: Pursuing an MSSP ACO to Achieve Clinical Integration

    MSSP ACOs offer hospitals an ideal vehicle for preparing for risk-based reimbursement. Here’s what you need to know to get yours started in 2017.   Time’s a wastin’, if you’re planning to jump start your journey to risk-based reimbursement through a Medicare Shared Savings Program ACO next year. Your Notice of Intent to […]

Clinical Integration without Spending a Fortune

    Does it have to cost millions to initiate a clinical integration strategy? Contrary to popular belief, we have clients who have generated substantial shared savings and a significant ROI over time, without massive investments.  Yes, some financial capital is required for resources the CIN providers can’t bring to the table themselves. But the size […]

The 16 Core Competencies Your ACO Needs to Succeed

Here are the 16 ACO core competencies providers need to succeed under Value-Based Care.   Provider organizations need 16 core competencies to succeed under Value-Based Care. Some of these competencies can’t be developed by the provider organization alone. They require a payer organization as a strategic partner. Others may not be relevant for both Medicare […]

How Primary Care Practices Can Address Population Health without Breaking the Bank

This article suggests ways primary care physicians can institute aspects of population health management without making a significant financial investment.   Primary care physicians are hearing more and more about population health. Often, their first reaction is to focus on the most financially and logistically daunting aspects – complex care management, clinical informatics interoperability, and […]

Succeeding in Value-Based Care: Building a Sustainable CIN

  This 20-page guide covers legal issues; the 8 core elements for success with tips and examples; and leveraging your clinically integrated network’s capabilities during development. If your hospital or health system hasn’t already jumped on the clinical integration bandwagon, now’s the time to get started. Congress and CMS have set an aggressive goal for […]

Webinar: Adding Value to Physician Compensation

Thinking about changing your physician compensation plans for value-based reimbursement? In this webinar, HSG discusses:   Why it’s necessary to redesign your provider compensation plan; What types of compensation plans will be required for success; and How to design and implement a new compensation plan that works with value-based reimbursement.  

Case Study: Transforming an IPA into a Clinically Integrated Network – Three Levers for Success

Background With only a quarter of early ACOs producing savings sufficient to share in them and uncertainty over how quickly the industry will transition to value-based reimbursement, many hospital leaders have been reluctant to make the investments required for success under value-based care. However, tremendous clinical and financial gains may be in store for organizations […]

The Role Physician Leaders Must Play in Clinical Integration

The healthcare industry axiom — early, ongoing physician involvement in the strategic planning process predicts positive results — applies just as much to developing a Clinically Integrated Network (CIN) as it does to a strategic plan. HSG recommends physician involvement/leadership at every phase of a high-performing CIN. Setting the Vision & Culture Physicians involved at the […]

Accelerate Clinical Integration with a Medicare Shared Savings Plan (MSSP) ACO

MSSP ACOs offer hospital systems the ability to clinically integrate and enter commercial markets while avoiding many regulatory issues. The Regulatory Catch-22 To successfully contract with payers, hospital systems must first be clinically integrated. Yet, according to DOJ and FTC rules, joint contracting must come first, because it is joint contracting that allows providers to […]

Value-Based Care Readiness Assessment

HSG’s Value-Based Care Readiness Assessment helps hospitals and health systems create a detailed action plan for clinical integration.   The healthcare industry’s business model is changing. Are you ready?   While the transformation to value has been gradual, the process is speeding up. By 2018, more than half of Medicare payments will be value-based. Private […]