Thought Leadership – Value-Based Care

Webinar: Leadership Engagement With an Emphasis on Advisory Councils

Physician engagement is a hot topic in healthcare today. For Clinically integrated networks (CINs), Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), health systems, hospitals, or employed physician networks, it’s the key ingredient for success, because it’s directly linked to achieving favorable outcomes. There are several different paths you can take to build physician engagement in your network. What […]

Webinar: MACRA: The Final Rule

CMS released the MACRA Final Rule on October 14th and proved they listened to many of the 4000 official comments that were submitted in response to the proposed regulations published in April. The result is a very different 2017 performance year than originally proposed. Join us as we review many of the major changes contained […]

The MACRA Final Rule – Strategic Challenges and Opportunities

Many organizations started preparing for the implications of MACRA implementation when the proposed Final Rule was released at the end of April. However, the numerous changes contained in the October 14th Final Rule will necessitate a critical re-evaluation of MACRA strategies for quite a few organizations. Beyond the measure-specific preparation questions, such as which measures […]

What Your Doctors Need to Know to Prepare for MACRA and MIPS

Numerous interactions with clients led us to the conclusion that there are basically three groupings of physicians when it comes to MACRA and MIPS. The first, and perhaps the largest, group is not familiar with MIPS and MACRA at all – or the impact that the new Medicare physician reimbursement program may have on them. […]

Webinar: MACRA and MIPS: Ready or Not, Here They Come!

A recent survey confirmed our impression based on client interactions – many physicians are not familiar with MIPS and MACRA … or the significant implications. Others think that the new payment model implementation is several years away so there is plenty of time to fret. In truth, time is of the essence. The initial performance […]

Webinar: Direct Contracting – The Essential Strategy

Most hospitals make all of their profits from privately insured patients, struggling to break even from government payers and self-pay. But ironically, most hospital executives have little, if no, relationship with the employers who fund these private-pay patients. That needs to change. And the investments hospitals have made in physician networks can be a key […]

Stop Leaving Money on the Table: The Essential Strategy to Direct Contracting

Hospitals systems struggle financially partly because they fail to analyze where their profits come from.  Those profits come from employers. Our average client loses on Medicaid.  Loses on self-pay.  Most lose money on Medicare.  Many think they make money through insurers.  But a new mentality is needed, one that looks beyond insurers to the root […]

Webinar: Short Overview of Clinical Integration Strategy

Managing Partner David Miller quickly details, in this 10-minute webinar, HSG’s approach to helping clients build a clinical integration strategy and its other approaches to physician integration and strategic planning.

Webinar: Next Generation ACO Considerations

With the May 2nd deadline for a non-binding letter-of-intent for CMS’s Next Gen ACO Program looming, organizations across the country are working to understand whether or not to devote the time and resources to exploring NGACO participation.  This 30-minute webinar from HSG focuses on the differences in the NGACO program from previous MSSP tracks and […]

ACOs as Precursor to Clinical Integration

Medicare ACOs are a great starting point for your clinical integration (CI) strategy. First, they require discipline when it comes to creating CI infrastructure. The application process for the MSSP ACO addresses 80-85% of the issues you will need to address to be clinically integrated per FTC criteria. Second, Medicare ACOs come with legal shields. […]