Thought Leadership – Physician Strategy

Webinar: Employed Provider Compensation

Many health systems struggle with measuring and managing patient retention within their system. This issue is exacerbated as systems are faced with poor data on patient behavior that limits strategic insight and is not useful for executive-level decision making. HSG addresses these challenges through HSG Physician Network Integrity Analytics.

Mitigating Physician Burnout: Developing a Proactive Organizational Approach

In this white paper, we introduce the concept of identifying physician burnout while introducing mitigation strategies such as a team-based care delivery model

Employed Provider Compensation: Strategies to Support Your Network’s Evolution

In this white paper, we introduce the concept of an evolving provider compensation plan as well as best practices for its strategy, design, and implementation.

Webinar: Mitigating Physician Burnout

Physician burnout is rampant and affects up to 50% of practicing physicians. Undertaking primary, secondary, and tertiary preventive efforts can mitigate burnout evolution and the degree of impact on both physicians and the organization.

Increasing Patient Retention Through HSG Patient Share of Care

Many health systems struggle with managing patient retention within their system of locations and loyal providers.  Faced with poor data on patient behavior that limits strategic insight, health systems frequently find themselves going down one of three paths: They rely on state-level inpatient market share data to draw conclusions about where patients in their market […]

Reducing Network Losses & Creating Financial Sustainability

Many hospitals are increasingly challenged by the financial performance of their employed physician networks. As these networks grow, the concern about financial performance moves to the forefront, with the losses becoming an increasingly visible drag on the system’s overall profitability. This, in turn, puts pressure on health system and physician network leadership to, at a […]

Webinar: 2019 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule: Implications for Physician Practices

The 2019 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Final Rule promulgated several changes that benefit Physician Practices and Employed Physician Networks.

Webinar: Employed Physician Networks – A Strategic Guide to Building Strategic Advantage, Value, and Financial Sustainability

Building a great employed physician network is the best chance most executives have to improve the health in their community. In this webinar we will review HSG’s breakthrough book Employed Physician Networks: A Guide for Building Strategic Advantage, Value and Financial Sustainability. The book, published by ACHE, provides practical advice on how to accelerate the […]

Webinar: Assessing and Reducing Losses in Employed Physician Networks

Most health systems and hospitals are struggling to build or maintain employed networks which are financially sustainable. In this webinar, HSG reviews its approach to assessing network performance, defining opportunities for improvement, building focused action plans to attack the problem areas, and implementing those plans to ensure the benefits are achieved. This webinar will be […]

Physician Manpower Planning

In a deep dive into what constitutes a successful manpower planning strategy, this white paper presents a set of 12 questions health system executives should be asking and answering in order to develop an effective and executable physician manpower plan, with a few being: How many physicians must we employ (or align ourselves with) in […]

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