Creating Shared Vision

Defining a vision for your employed network that is shared by both physicians and healthcare executives is crucial to your long-term success. Working with physicians to define the attributes of their ideal group defines how the network must evolve to be an asset in the changing marketplace. A shared vision helps executives build relationships with physicians to create a culture of accountability.

The HSG shared vision process produces a description of what the group should look like in 5-10 years. That description generally incorporates these key elements:

  • Physician leadership
  • Organizational infrastructure
  • Patient information management
  • Patient experience
  • IT analytics
  • Growth strategy
  • Use of management best practices, and
  • Clinical best practices/quality

Clients refer to these vision statements as their network “Constitution,” using it as a governing document as they move forward. The case studies below give more tangible examples of how these vision statements are viewed and utilized.

Director and Chief Clinical Consultant

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