Physician Strategy

Service Area Challenges in Physician Manpower Planning

The growth in physician employment is creating some new challenges when defining service areas for physician manpower planning. Frequently, initial discussion with clients regarding the service area reveals the misconception that the analysis to support employment decisions must be based on regulatory compliant service area. Not true. You are freed from those limitations. But employment […]

Driving Clinical Integration

Strategic planning efforts in hospitals are increasingly concerned with clinical integration. But the topic is so broad, it is difficult for many to get started. We have found it useful to consider the following eight questions when outlining your approach. What physicians should first be engaged? You will likely want to invite most physicians, but […]

Building Medical Staff Support for Your Recruitment Plan

When hospitals plan the recruitment of new physicians into their community, whether into private practice or employment, resistance from the established physicians is not uncommon. Such resistance can derail one of the foundations of a successful physician strategy. But the resistance can be reduced or eliminated if the process is managed appropriately. Given the significant […]

Your Most Profitable Payers

Many hospitals we work with do not have a strategy to deal with their most profitable payers: employers. These employers purchase insurance or TPA services from major insurers and the insurer masks the real source of the money. Despite the profitability that these payers offer, hospitals and physicians have historically not interacted with these employers. […]

Integrating with Physicians in a “Fee-for-Value” Environment

If we accept the premise that “fee-for-value” will be the new reimbursement model for public and private payers, then we must also accept the fact that, in order to be successful in this environment, hospitals and physicians will need to develop a collaborative culture. The care process will need to be refined to eliminate costly […]

Final ACO Rules: Better But Not Good Enough?

Now that the final regulations regarding Medicare Value-Based Care organizations have been published, will interest levels return to pre-March levels? Before addressing that question, let’s review the ACO regulations and what changed from the Proposed to the Final rule. Models: There are still two types of ACOs. Track 1: organizations no longer have to assume […]

Clinical Integration as an Alternative to Employment

Hospitals lose $150,000 to $250,000 per year over the first 3 years of employing a physician according the May 12, 2011 NEJM article “Hospitals’ Race to Employ Physicians – The Logic Behind a Money-Losing Proposition”. So “What’s the best way to align with my community physicians without having to incur the financial losses necessary to […]

Strategic Implications of Embedding a Physician

Many organizations need to add physicians to their medical staff, but most find that the more they explore, the more confused they become. Our clients most frequently cite that existing practices simply aren’t willing to take the risk, that the hospital doesn’t have the documented community need or employment infrastructure, or that it is just […]

Co-Management: An Option to ACOs

With the anticipated release of the ACO regulations, hospitals were provided with another reason to prepare for the payment reforms that are set to become reality in the next five years. Whether you implement an ACO or you don’t, rewarding providers for quality and efficiency is a must. There are several ways to achieve this […]