Performance Improvement

Case Study: Defining the Tolerance for Subsidies by Specialty within an Employed Physician Group

Background Our client is a community hospital in the Midwest that operates a PHO consisting of 50+ physicians (largely employed, but some independents) across a number of specialties.  With mounting losses on the employed physicians in the PHO, executives within the organization began assessing practice losses by specialty. However, given competing strategic priorities within the organization, […]
Physician Network Revenue Cycle

Case Study: Performing a Practice Assessment

Background Over a three-week period, HSG performed a complete audit of an employed physician network consisting of over 120 providers, 90 of whom were physicians. It was operating at an annual loss of approximately $18M. Based on the assessment, the largest contributors to that loss were: Low physician productivity as measured by Work RVUs (wRVUs) […]

Case Study: Physician Employment Entity and Infrastructure

Background We’ve had more than a few hospital clients who never made a formal decision to start hiring physicians, but nonetheless found themselves with a goodly number and mix of doctors on their payrolls. One particular client came to HSG in just that situation. They had a group of employed physicians, but that “group” didn’t function […]

Interim Management: A Valuable Strategy for Physician Networks

Over the last several years, physician employment has been a strategic focus for hospitals. The reality is that many physicians are unable to maintain a private practice due to declining reimbursement rates and continually increasing expenses. Healthcare reform has forced many to rethink their overall alignment strategy. As a result, hospitals have made significant investments […]

Creating A Rational Employed Network

No hospital CEO ever met a doctor he didn’t want. That may be an exaggeration, but we see many hospitals focused on growing their networks with little regard for the network size and specialty mix that will best support their hospital’s core services or meet their communities’ healthcare needs. While a “growth for growth’s sake” […]

Building Network Value: Are You Asking The Right Questions?

One of the first challenges in wringing value from your employed physician group is to focus your discussions. In developing strategies for these groups, we’ve found paying attention to the nine issues below will yield big benefits: Do employed physicians understand the strategic direction of their group? Most likely not, unless they’ve been engaged in […]

Webinar: Laying the Foundation for a High Value Physician Network

The demands on employed physician networks are rising. Boards are demanding to know why practice losses keep mounting. Physicians are demanding to become employed due to rising reform initiatives and operational burdens. Payers are demanding better clinical outcomes at reduced costs. The best way to combat these pressures? Lay a foundation that allows your physician network […]

Process Improvement Series: Revenue Cycle Management

What key indicators are you using to measure the performance of your physician network?  Revenue cycle measures should be at the top of your list, as failure to monitor this process is a serious error, and in many hospitals is leading to massive financial losses and unpleasant conversations with the Board. Healthcare Strategy Group has […]

Four Critical Actions When Employing A Large Physician Practice

Employing a physician group is a very complex task and can be daunting even for the most robust healthcare system. Stakes are high, and if the employment process breaks down the relationship can be changed forever, often in negative ways. While each opportunity presents unique challenges, we have found successful acquisitions driven by these four […]