Building Mutual Success Through Physician Alignment

Hospitals are focusing intensely on their physician alignment efforts, and our firm is helping many of them with that focus. In thinking about that challenge and the puzzle pieces that must be in place to achieve success, it is clear that there is a hierarchy of issues to address. This article outlines those elements of […]

Maximizing Service Line Growth

Building and maintaining strong service lines is central to growth and can require significant investment. And, with today’s economic climate magnifying risk, strategically defining your investments within a service line could not be more important. Your physician leaders will have great insights into the investments that will maximize value, and their input is certainly crucial. […]

Trends in Physician Alignment Strategies

Over the past couple of years, our firm has completed fifteen client engagements that focused on physician alignment strategy. These projects were each tailored to the unique needs of the individual organizations and their diverse markets (in 12 different states). But, as you might expect, there were common trends.  We analyzed the final recommendations, as […]

Employer Health Clinics – Threat and Opportunity

There was a time when the jobsite clinic was a band-aid station, a place to assess work-related injuries and get people back to work. These clinics were just marginal players in the health care system, but that’s changing.  And the latest generation of clinics has the potential to upset existing relationships and systems. Hospitals with […]

Strategic Considerations in Physician Acquisition

Hospitals are acquiring physician practices at a brisk pace. Driven by the economics of medical practices, the shortage of physicians in some specialties, and a variety of other issues, the trend toward physician employment is growing. In helping dozens of hospitals evaluate acquisition opportunities or complete acquisitions already committed to, our consultants have seen almost […]

Getting Your Network Strategically Focused

Around the country, hospitals are assembling networks of physicians. Driven by the economics of medical practice, many physicians are seeking partnerships with hospitals because they are perceived to be relatively stable and have greater market power. And, driven by the problem of ensuring an adequate supply of physicians, many hospitals are seeking partnerships with physicians, […]

Basics of Time Block Leasing

The regulatory environment is quickly changing and those changes are affecting how certain physician deals must be structured. If you plan to employ a physician and house them in an existing private practice, these guidelines are important. The advantage for the employed physician is access to office space, staff, supplies, etc. without the cost of […]

Ten Questions for Building a Physician Strategy

Few relationships are more central to the success of the hospital than the one between the organization and physicians. And, this relationship only grows in importance as physicians increasingly compete with hospitals. To cement a strong relationship, the organization should address 10 vital questions: 1. Is there trust among the physicians, the CEO, and the […]

Growing Threat of Retail Medicine

Retail medicine outlets are exploding across the United States. And retail giants, such as Wal-Mart, are growing their capabilities in this area exponentially. While Wal-Mart had 80 outlets at the end of 2007, it is projected they will have over 2000 by the end of 2013. This growth is being fueled by a number of […]