Webinar: Creating a Shared Vision with Your Physician Network

Learn how to develop a shared vision statement for your physician network that fosters the strong physician engagement required for value-based reimbursement. Geared to the hospital C-suite and physician practice management, this one-hour webinar examines the role a shared vision statement can play in creating a physician network culture grounded in joint goals, coordinated action […]

Webinar: The 9 Key Components of an Effective Physician Integration Strategy

What makes a physician strategy successful – and what makes it fail?   The biggest reason plans fail is because, while they typically define how the organization will Develop physician relationships, they don’t detail how their Implementation and Management. During this 20-minute webinar, Director Travis Ansel:   Reveals the nine key components of an effective physician strategy; Demonstrates how to identify […]

Webinar: Adding Value to Physician Compensation

Thinking about changing your physician compensation plans for value-based reimbursement? In this webinar, HSG discusses:   Why it’s necessary to redesign your provider compensation plan; What types of compensation plans will be required for success; and How to design and implement a new compensation plan that works with value-based reimbursement.  

Webinar: Physician Leadership Series: Mentoring Physician Leaders

  Mentoring physician leaders is essential for a well-rounded physician leadership development program. During this webinar, Chief Clinical Consultant Dr. Terrence McWilliams and Senior Manager Travis Ansel delve into: The underpinnings of professional mentoring, its tools, and approaches. Incorporating mentoring into your physician development program; and How to ensure your mentoring program’s effectiveness.

Webinar: Physician Leadership Series: Case Studies

  Thriving in today’s healthcare environment increasingly depends on active, proficient physician leadership.  Many healthcare organizations have not yet incorporated physician leaders into their management structure and strategic planning processes. Spend a half-hour with Partner Neal Barker and Chief Clinical Consultant Dr. Terrence McWilliams as they relate case studies that show the importance of integrating […]

Webinar: Physician Leadership Series: Building Market and Industry Knowledge

During this 30-minute webinar, Chief Clinical Consultant Dr. Terrence McWilliams and Director Travis Ansel will cover what doctors need to know about changing purchaser expectations and their associated requirements, including: Value-based purchasing reimbursement models; Evolving care delivery model; and Clinical Integration concepts This webinar is one in a series of four, 30-minute webinars geared to busy […]

Webinar: Physician Leadership Series: Identifying Potential Physician Leaders

Join HSG’s Chief Clinical Consultant Dr. Terrence McWilliams and Managing Partner David Miller for a half-hour webinar focusing on physician leadership and development, including: • Characteristics to consider when identifying potential physician leaders; • Constructing a plan for developing potential physician leaders; and • Distinguishing position-specific considerations This webinar is one in a series of […]

Webinar: Let Us Manage Your Physician Network

Physician network management – with so many hospital departments being outsourced to save costs, should you consider management outsourcing for your employed physician network? During this 60-minute webinar, HSG Partner Neal Barker and Manager Martin Shehan cover: How management outsourcing works; Setting measurable goals and objectives for the contract in terms of reduced practice losses, revenue […]

Webinar: Physician Compensation: Laying the Groundwork for Clinical Integration

Physician compensation is an important component of physician aligment.  In the drive to build clinically integrated networks, one obstacle hospitals and healthcare systems must overcome is ensuring that ALL participating providers are working toward the same goals. During this 45-minute webinar, HSG discusses: The basic structure of clinically integrated networks; The operating and payment structure of common network […]