Thought Leadership – Physician Strategy

The Dilemma of Site Neutrality

The increasing prevalence and likelihood of site-neutral payments creates a major challenge that hospitals and health systems must address.  The federal budget is one contributing factor, with the likelihood that concerns about deficits will make provider rates an easy target.  Longer term, the advance of Value-Based Care makes it more likely as well. Health systems […]

Defining Your Medical Group’s Culture: Is Your Culture a Barrier to Success?

One of the key pillars of high performing organizations is a strong, pervasive culture. A shared culture binds individual group members and practices into a cohesive whole and allows the group to function at a higher level. Building a common culture must be an active process. Otherwise, inertia will foster continuation of the status quo.  […]

Webinar: Short Overview of HSG’s Approach to Affiliation

In this 9-minute webinar, Managing Partner David Miller explains HSG’s approach to affiliation strategy and our experiences with clients.

Webinar: Quick Primer on Health System Strategic Plans

In this 11-minute webinar, Managing Partner David Miller explains HSG’s approach to strategic planning, what differentiates the firm, and why HSG focuses on physician engagement.

Bipartisan Budget Act’s Impact on Hospital Plans and Strategies

On November 2, 2015, after Congressional and White House budget negotiations, President Obama signed into law the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 (“the Act”). Section 603 of the Act mandates that new off-campus Hospital Outpatient Departments (“HOPDs”) established on or after the date of enactment (November 2, 2015) will not be eligible for reimbursement under […]

Case Study: Building a Common Vision with Employed Physicians

Executive Summary St. Claire Regional in Morehead, Kentucky employs over 75 physicians and other providers. As the group expanded, a physician leadership group was created with the objective of integrating the various practices and defining group direction. Significant progress was made, but had plateaued and progress slowed. HSG helped the physicians and executives define their […]

Physician Strategy: 10 Priorities for 2016

This article lays out 10 priorities for improving the performance of employed physician networks during 2016. Reimbursement shifts from CMS and private insurers mean health systems today are facing a turbulent environment.  Employed physician networks remain your best asset for addressing these challenges.  We recommend working with your physician leaders to determine which of these […]

Women’s Health Strategy: Are You Staying on Top of National Trends?

Like the times, the nation’s demographics, social mores and care standards are changing. So when was the last time you updated your women’s health service line’s strategic plan? If it’s gathering dust on the shelf, we recommend taking a proactive approach to managing women’s health by creating a strategy that addresses: leadership; physician engagement; market […]

Webinar: Creating a Shared Vision with Your Physician Network

Learn how to develop a shared vision statement for your physician network that fosters the strong physician engagement required for value-based reimbursement. Geared to the hospital C-suite and physician practice management, this one-hour webinar examines the role a shared vision statement can play in creating a physician network culture grounded in joint goals, coordinated action […]

Webinar: Managing at the Speed of Change: Strategic Considerations You Must Address in 2016

Value-based reimbursement is rapidly moving from scary concept to scary reality. Join Managing Partner David Miller and Senior Manager Travis Ansel for this 60-minute webinar that: provides a year-end review of the healthcare environment highlights new challenges hospitals and health systems will face in 2016 helps you think through the issues you must master to […]