Thought Leadership – Physician Network Optimization

Building Management Expertise for Your Employed Physician Network

Hospitals and health systems have been aggressively investing in their employed physician networks for the last 10 years or more. Most, however have not developed the leadership infrastructure or acquired the management expertise to effectively manage these networks. HSG has developed a multi-faceted approach to support you in your efforts to build a high-performing network.  We […]

The MSO Renaissance

Interest in MSO is surging as the complexity of the market grows and as health systems work to define how to help independent physicians cope with that market. Traditionally, HSG has advised clients that MSOs created more risk than reward, but that balance may have shifted. Client hospitals are expressing renewed interest because: MACRA/MIPS create […]

Evolving Your Management Team’s Focus to Meet Your Network’s Needs

Ensuring the management team’s focus and capabilities match the scale and maturity of an employed physician network’s development is a challenge many healthcare systems face today.  Many management teams get locked into a “doing things the way they’ve always been done” mentality, without acknowledging or accounting for the network’s evolving needs. HSG’s Physician Network Growth […]

Effective Revenue Cycle Management in Your Network

Revenue Cycle Management for your physician network has become more complex. Bigger groups increase the scale and complexity of processes, Stagnant reimbursements make it imperative that your practices collect what they deserve, Electronic Health Records create potential glitches, Evolving local carrier determinations (LCD) creates challenges, Payer credentialing becomes higher risk as your network grows, and Compliance […]

Case Study: Creating a Common Vision to Accelerate Employed Group Development

Summary St. Luke’s Hospital in Chesterfield, MO employs over 110 providers in its medical group, and more than 100 more in hospital-based programs. The organization has a long history of close ties with physicians, has experienced substantial growth, and has been ranked as one of the 50 best hospitals in the country on numerous occasions. […]

Defining Your Medical Group’s Culture: Is Your Culture a Barrier to Success?

One of the key pillars of high performing organizations is a strong, pervasive culture. A shared culture binds individual group members and practices into a cohesive whole and allows the group to function at a higher level. Building a common culture must be an active process. Otherwise, inertia will foster continuation of the status quo.  […]

Case Study: Talent Acquisition for your Physician Group: Interim CEO and Search

Background: A 300-bed hospital in the southeast engaged HSG to perform an operational assessment of their rapidly growing employed physician network. Leadership was concerned that the infrastructure of the network had not kept pace with the growth. After reviewing the findings, the senior executive team decided to make a change in the management of the […]

Physician Compensation Update

In September of last year, we published a brief guide with tips on preparing provider compensation plans for a value-based environment. Since then, we’ve talked to countless executives about those tips, and more. Here are a few takeaways from these recent experiences. Compliance, FMV Opinions, & Compensation Gaps In 2015, multiple hospitals and healthcare systems […]

Managing Your Physician Network: Should Outsourcing be an Option?

Before you answer this question, consider the following: A high-performing physician network is a strategic asset that must lead the way for clinical integration. If your group fails to meet its potential, your hospital risks becoming a second-tier player. CMS payment schemes: bundled payments, PCMH’s MIPS, and ACOs will require drastic changes in the way patient […]

Case Study: Building a Common Vision with Employed Physicians

Executive Summary St. Claire Regional in Morehead, Kentucky employs over 75 physicians and other providers. As the group expanded, a physician leadership group was created with the objective of integrating the various practices and defining group direction. Significant progress was made, but had plateaued and progress slowed. HSG helped the physicians and executives define their […]